North Shore Immigration specialise in applications for Residence.
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Work Visa


Want to work in New Zealand? A work visa or permit will give you the legal right to work.
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Student Visa 

Interested in studying in New Zealand?
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iStock_fern_bud_XSmall1_1.jpg Tourist visa
Want to visit your friends or family or simply coming for a holiday?
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Thinking of living, working, studying or just visiting New Zealand?

North Shore Immigration Services provide highly personalised assistance in all aspects of immigrating and relocating to New Zealand. Our professional team of licensed advisors will offer you their combined experience and knowledge. Whether you are a professional considering relocating to New Zealand or you have a trade qualification or experience and are interested in temporary work opportunities available in New Zealand, you can benefit from our wealth of expertise.

We know how to help you achieve a successful and smooth transition to your new future in New Zealand.

Interested in doing business or investing in New Zealand?

As an entrepreneur who is looking at opportunities to establish a business, or considering relocating your business and your key employee, we can help you assess your options and make an informed decision. If, on the other hand, you are considering investing in New Zealand, an updated Investor policy came into effect in July 2009. Its changes aim to attract investors who can invest between NZ$1.5 million and NZ$10 million in New Zealand.

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Want to work in New Zealand?

With the exception of New Zealand and Australian citizens or holders of a current New Zealand/Australian returning resident visa, everyone else will need  a work visa in order to work temporarily in New Zealand. Sometimes it can be difficult to obtain a Work Visa. Here at North Shore Immigration Services we will only assist applications for Work Visas that we consider would be successful, or otherwise we will advise accordingly. We do this because we have a sound knowledge of the current labour market and the occupations currently in demand New Zealand.

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Want to visit family, friends or spend a holiday in New Zealand?

People travelling from certain countries are not required to have a  Visitor Visa in order to travel to New Zealand. As for the countries who do have this requirement, the traveller needs to apply for an entry visa called a Visitor Visa, before coming to New Zealand.  Visitors who would like to stay longer need to make a new application. When a further visa is granted it will normally allow a stay for up to nine months.

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Want to study in New Zealand?
New Zealand is renowned for the exceptional level of education it provides. Anyone wishing to study in New Zealand is offered a wide variety of educational opportunities available in our country: English language tuition at all levels, secondary school education or tertiary education. Our New Zealand universities and tertiary education providers offer a whole range of qualifications, from certificates to doctoral degrees. Most people who wish to come to New Zealand to study will require a Student Visa.

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Client Feedback

North Shore Immigration have been more helpful than we could have imagined, going through the immigration process.  There are many aspects of immigration, such as details on your paperwork, that the websites will never tell you about - things that will delay your immigration!  It was definitely worth getting help from North Shore Immigration, because they were able to help get us through dealing with all the unknown factors of immigration. If you want to lessen the sleepless nights, we recommend going with North Shore Immigration - they keep to their code of ethics and will treat you with care and fairness.

Tem Schultz
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Latest news

On 30 April 2014 Immigration NZ used the following 2 criteria for their Residence under the Skilled Migrant Category selection of Expressions of Interest:
1.All who claimed 140 points or more (397 Expressions of Interest)
2.All who claimed between 100 and 140 points with a job or a job offer (91 Expressions of Interest)
3.All those claiming 15 bonus points for work experience in an area of absolute skill shortage that had a points total of 135 or more but less than 140  (111 Expressions of Interest)


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